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Your hosts Yves & Jessica

Who are we?

New festival

We're Yves and Jessica from Antwerp, and we bought our first house in the Rupel region in 2004 when we were in our early twenties. During our renovations in 2005, our friends asked us to join them for a new festival in the neighbourhood.


Since we were in the midst of renovations, a little festival wasn't originally planned. But how does that work when you're young? After all, you cannot be working all the time and besides, it was the 14th of august and it was almost the birthday of my wife ... ( back then still my girlfriend) .. so at the last minute we decided to take a look anyway ;-) 



In the beginning, Tomorrowland was for us a super cool festival in a beautiful location closeby. The nightlife had been behind us for a while, but at Tomorrowland, we ran into all those old acquaintances again. 


The atmosphere and the experience was already extraordinary, but there was one moment where we realized that Tomorrowland was something magical and unique. 


In 2007, we were on the main stage at DavidGuetta's performance, and there was electricity in the air. The audience in the pit was delighted and also on the grass hills the people began to rhythmically jump to the sound of the beats.


There are moments in life that you'll always remember, this is one of ours. And that's when our passion for Tomorrowland was born, and that's when we realized that Tomorrowland is not just a festival. Looking back on that day and night, it was one of the best days of our lives.


After the 2007 edition, we told everyone who wanted to hear about what a crazy festival we have in Belgium. 


We told colleagues at work that Tomorrowland is the best festival in the world. During our travels (we love to travel and travel a lot) we always told the people we met about the magical Tomorrowland. We would invite them to our home to join us. We kept our best friends on it. 


We have attended all the editions of the festival and have grown and aged with the festival. The most magical things we've experienced at this magical ground ;-)


For instance, we once helped some girls from New York who were in need at Tomorrowland, and then three months later, we were sitting in New York all together drinking Belgian beers.


We still follow eachother on social media. In the meantime, those girls have become women, married and have children. We'll probably never meet again, but the memory and the connection will always be shared. 

Dozens of similar stories could be written, how Tomorrowland connects us with love and music.

Project of our dreams

In 2023, we decided to start the project of our dreams. In Tenerife, we started our new company Sunset Paradise Events, and together with our newly launched pop-up campsite, we're combining our two great passions in life. 


With the pop-up campsite, we want to share our Tomorrowland experience with our guests. We make sure that our visitors can visit the festival in optimal conditions so that the magical experience becomes even more magical than it already is. 


For the 2024 edition, we have become the Official Travel Partner of Tomorrowland Belgium. So as from 2024 we also can offer you a unique journey to this magical place ! With 20 years of existence, it couldn't be more symbolic for us....  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Tomorrowland team for their trust and for the many magical moments we've had, and we look forward with great anticipation to what the future holds, and we hope to welcome you all!

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